Saracens Head

Holiday Accommodation

A brief history of our beautiful holiday let

The Saracens is an old 17th century coaching house. It is the oldest building in the village, surpassed in age only by the beautiful St Marys church. 400 years ago Hogsthorpe was a coastal village being one of the main communities along this part of the east coast. Chapel St Leonards and Skegness would come into existence some 200 years later as the land was gradually reclaimed from the sea. Today the sea lies just under 1.7 Miles away from the village of Hogsthorpe. 

Inside the Saracens Head there are a multitude of hidden rooms where escaping prisoners of the Second World War would seek to hide in an attempt to escape the British Isles. Going back further through time highway men were rife in the local area and it has been said that many were hanged in the old court yard at the Saracens. Locals still talk about the notorious John O'Brian who has been seen haunting the area after being hung by the peelers of the day. 

Many changes have taken place at the pub over the past 400 years and our holiday accommodation is the latest to be undertaken and that we are pleased to be able to offer to the public. The holiday apartments have been acquired by purchasing neighboring property's and new build extension, that took 3 years to acquire planing for. One of these apartments was built in the old function room, that hundreds of years ago, was built to store hay for horses. You can see pictures of what the pub used to look like in our old picture page on this website. 

Should you choose to stay at the Saracens Head you will be staying in a grade two listed building steeped in history. A peaceful village with a traditional feeling.

Please take a look around our website and if you have any comments, suggestions or questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. We hope to see you soon!  

Why us?

At the Saracens Head we are focused on providing a great service with the highest levels of customer satisfaction. We strive to ensure you have a pleasant stay and will do everything we can to meet your expectations.